Frank Lo

Frank Lo B. Eng (Hons)

About Family Album DVD

Our company established in June 2006, a family company who value the importance of family memories… photos, cine films and home videos.

We are CRB checked to protect our family privacy at all times.

Our complete family photos, videos and audios services are designed to preserve family memories for you to enjoy and cherish forever.

This could be the best gift to your parents, grandparents and even your closest friends. A special film on DVD has such an emotional and joyful impact - looking back on your family growing up, remembering those wonderful family times together.

Don’t forget your memories stacked away in albums, in drawers or boxes. Bring the photos alive on DVD with music and add the powerful voices of your family and friends as they reminisce about old times.

From your treasured 8 mm cine films, photos, slides, negatives and today’s digital images we can create your very own family epic movie.

We know your own personal DVD will give many hours of entertainment, bringing your family and friends closer.